In this collection, we will be sharing how Social Curator can be used with various platforms. As you may have heard by now, we firmly believe that what is most important is to find out how your Ideal Client is using their platform of choice so that you can show up for them there using Social Curator tools, resources, and strategies.

Social Curator Issues are not prescriptions. If you do all the things we recommend to build a brand and market it on Social Media, but it is not in tune with your ideal client, you'll likely not get the same results. Instead, we want to teach you concepts to help you understand who you are serving and how to sell to them by building trust and showcasing your products and services online.

We give you the mug and you get to decide what goes into the mug! You can utilize the vessel in various ways.

We hope the articles in this collection are ultra-valuable to you if your Ideal Client’s platform of choice is different than your personal platform of choice and perhaps you are not sure how others act in that space. Feel free to test these strategies & make them work for you!

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