What do you do when one of your favorite Instagram features disappears from one day to the next? Improvise, of course!

When building your business on a platform you don’t own, flexibility is key.

After discovering a bug in the "related hashtags" feature, Instagram has disabled the feature, with no official confirmation on if and when they'll bring it back.

The good news? We got you, friend!

Below you will find 5 hashtag generator sites and apps that will help make the process of finding the right hashtags for your business a breeze.

1. MetaHashtags

This is primarily a desktop site, and relatively new to the hashtag generator space.

What makes this generator stand out? The ability to type in not just a hashtag, but a handle.

Searching a handle will show the top hashtags that account has used, which gives you even *more* hashtags to choose from!

2. Inflact

Inflact is also primarily a desktop site, but you can also find it in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

What makes this generator stand out? Its ability to categorize related hashtags by usage.

Once you type in your hashtag, you'll find related hashtags in lists by how often they've been used.

3. Leetags

Leetags is an app found in both the Google Play and Apple App stores. Once you've downloaded the app, simply type in your base or foundational hashtag (such as #weddingplanner, #photographer, #skincare) to see an automatic list of related hashtags.

What makes this generator stand out? Its ability to simply copy all of your selected hashtags.

With Leetags, you can then easily paste your selected hashtags to your scheduler or platform of choice *and save time!*

4. Hashtag Expert

Hashtag Expert is a paid app, only available in the Apple App Store. Similarly to Leetags, typing in your base hashtag will create a list of related tags.

What makes this app stand out? Its quick processing and ability to group related hashtags with only a few taps.

*Anything with the word ‘quick’ definitely makes it on our list!*

5. Tage

Tage is a simple, no-fuss generator only available in the Apple App Store. Simply select the hashtag generator option and start typing away!

What makes this app stand out? Its ability to quickly select (and unselect) hashtags from its suggested, related hashtag list.

Need inspiration on what to search for? We got you! You can find the top 20 hashtags for 20 industries here.

Friend, whether you choose to search for hashtags on your desktop or phone, we hope this list makes getting discovered on your social media platform of choice easier and more fun. If you want to learn more about cracking the Hashtag code, be sure to check out Issue 38: Cracking the Hashtag Code: Getting Discovered on Instagram.

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