So you have the RIGHT followers (your ideal client/dream customer) but are those followers engaging?

Engagement lets the platform know that your followers want to see more of you and lets YOU know what they want to see more of.

Ways your audience can engage on a post:

  • Reactions to a post (likes, for example)

  • Comments on a post

  • Shares/saves of a post

Stories/video views and direct messages are also ways your followers engage on social media.

If you feel like you’re in a good place with the number of followers you have right now or you want to focus on something else, feel free to check out another section of our Best Practices for Social Media Collection and circle back to this article whenever you’re ready to focus on growing your audience.

Remember, this collection is meant to give you clear steps to take, but can be used as a guide. Feel free to do one section or jump in and do them all depending on what works for you.

Take action at your own pace.

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