So often, we want to show up and be seen but forget to show up for others. While we’re busy creating content in addition to our everyday hustle, it’s easy to forget others are doing the same.

While we want every post to be *the best performing one yet*, the reality is, it doesn’t work that way. Not every post is going to be a top performer and not all progress can be measured in metrics.

We have to show up with the intention of BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and GIVING the engagement we want to RECEIVE on our account.

3 Ways to Give the Engagement You Want to Receive

  • Like posts of potential customers or people you want to collaborate with

  • Leave meaningful comments on posts (at least 4 words or more that compliment or start a conversation related to their post)

  • Share posts from other accounts that are insightful/helpful for your audience

We want to challenge you to give three times the amount you want to receive.

Not only does this help you be more mindful of what it takes to get someone to comment, but it helps you start creating the engagement you want to see.

*If you want to get ten comments on your post, that means you need to leave a meaningful comment on 30 posts.*

Remember: This isn’t a one-and-done tip… giving engagement is an ongoing effort.

We encourage you to set aside 15 minutes a day to give the engagement you want to receive.

Set a timer, be intentional, and ENGAGE, engage, engage!

Here’s to showing up for others and giving what you want to receive.

👉 Wanna Dig Deeper?

Check out Issue 37: How to Create Your Authentic Engagement Plan in the Shop. There, you’ll learn how to get people commenting on your posts and Stories, as well as how to give thoughtful comments without sounding spammy, cheesy, or awkward.

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