Direct Messages (or DMs for short) are one of our FAVORITE ways to connect with followers, engage with them in an authentic way, and (ultimately) convert them into customers.

5 types of DMs you can use to grow your engagement:

  • Conversation Starter: Get a social conversation started and begin building a relationship

  • Thank You for Comment/Follow/Like: Compliment them and start a one-on-one conversation

  • Introduce Yourself: Break the ice by introducing yourself and sharing something you have in common

  • Give: Give without any expectation (you never know where it might lead!)

  • Collaboration: Set the foundation for a collaborative opportunity

When sending DMs, we always encourage you to take it slow. Just like it comes on a little strong to propose marriage on a first date, no one wants to be pitched to or sold to right away...

3 ways to use the DMs to engage with your audience:

  • React or comment on an Instagram Story they post (that will go to them as a direct message), then get the conversation going the way you would with someone you met at a social event

  • Send a message to a recent follower- be sure to check out their profile to pay them a compliment or bring up something you have in common

  • Send a message to someone who recently commented on one of your posts- continue the conversation in a direct message if there’s a potential for a few back-and-forth exchanges in replies

We know it can be a little intimidating to get the conversation started if you aren’t used to sending DMs. Feel free to practice by DMing our official Social Curator Instagram account @socialcurators (thank goodness for a safe space full of fellow business owners who get it!)

👉 Wanna Dig Deeper?

Check out Issue 24: Turning Followers in Customers in the Shop to unlock DM templates and learn how to use Direct Messages as a form of business growth.

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