One thing we encourage you to do is listen to what your audience says. They speak to you if you’re listening and even their silence is saying something.

Jasmine can’t count the number of times a post performed much better than she anticipated or a post that she thought would do well hardly got any traction.

Instead of looking at it as a failed opportunity or a sub-par post, she realized that's her audience’s way of telling her what they do and don’t want to see.

That’s exactly why we encourage you to TEST all aspects of your business (including social media posts). We often have to be like mad scientists running tests, experiments, and recording results.


  • Post a variety of content on different days at different times.

  • Pay attention to what performs well and drives engagement from your audience (and be open to changing what doesn’t).

  • Keep track of your likes, comments, and follows during the month and post more of what your audience likes the next month.

Here is a Tracking Template you can use to track your efforts! You can click File > Make a Copy to edit this with your own stats! (Note: you need a Google account to make a copy of this spreadsheet)

Feel free to use a post-it note, your own spreadsheet, or a note app on your phone, what matters is that you use a method that works for YOU to monitor your social performance month over month.

Now that you know how to test your social media posts from a business perspective without being emotionally attached to what performs well (or what doesn’t), you can get clear on what works for YOUR audience.

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