Social Media is a perfect place to join forces with other business owners, get in front of other people’s audiences, and make more sales while having FUN!

In order to start collaborating with other businesses on social media, start by building a relationship by:

  • Liking their posts

  • Commenting on their photos

  • Sending direct messages to start a conversation

The best collaborations begin by giving without expecting anything in return.

3 ways to collaborate with other businesses on social media

  1. Giveaway: Put together a giveaway with another business owner. Include your product or service, and each of you invites your audience to participate for a chance to win. (Check out Issue 6 if you want to learn more.)

  2. Referrals: Network with fellow business owners via direct message, exchange products or services, and refer one another when you know people looking for what that business owner offers.

  3. Go Live: Go live together (on Instagram or Facebook Live) to deliver a double dose of value, information, or tips to your mutual target audience.

✨ If you’re ready to create win-win opportunities and build your business together, then download the guide and get your collaboratin' on!

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