A great way to practice work/life integration is by creating a social media schedule.

This allows you to spend focused time on social while maintaining a healthy boundary with your phone.

3 tips to creating a streamlined social media schedule:

  1. Schedule time to schedule/publish your posts: Whether you choose to post on the fly every day or sit and schedule your posts once a week, making it part of your schedule is a great way to make sure you do it consistently.
    For example, maybe you post every morning while you have your coffee or every Sunday evening before the week starts.

  2. Separate personal and business: We know how it is, you get on social media with the intention of showing up for your business and somehow find yourself watching time-lapse cooking videos and don’t remember how you got there. In order to make the most of your time on social media (and your day), we encourage you to open the app laser-focused when you scroll for business purposes. Get on social, take care of business, then get back to work. That way you don’t blur your personal scrolling time with your focused business time!

  3. Dedicate time to respond to comments (and messages): Determine how much time you want to spend responding to comments and messages every day, open the app, and set a timer! If you reply to everything before the timer goes off, we suggest using your remaining time to initiate engagement by commenting on the posts of ideal clients or potential collaboration opportunities. Pro Tip: Start with 10 minutes and see how much you get done when you’re laser-focused!

Using your phone to set limits:

  • For iPhone users, tap Settings > Screen Time > App Limits > Next to the app you want to limit, tap “Add Limit”

  • For Android users, tap Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Tap the chart > Next to the app you want to limit, tap “Set Timer”

Whether you've gone through each section by now or still have other sections to checkout, we encourage you to come back this section collection as often as needed.

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