This is one of the JUICIEST secrets to social media success. Social media categories are a way to connect with followers in a real way, giving insights into your business, without having to sell all the time.

Social Curator empowers you to use our 7 Caption Categories each month to save you time and get great results. These specific categories are proven to drive engagement and are popular conversation starters on social media.

Social Curator Categories:

1. Behind the Scenes - This invites your audience to see the "real life" behind your business. Pulling back the curtain allows your followers to imagine you working with them.

2. My Why - By sharing your why, or the reason you're in your line of work, your audience feels connected to you. As Simon Sinek says, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

3. Personal Insight - This is your chance to share tips and helpful advice with your audience. This insight is what helps set you apart from others in your industry because it's unique to your perspective!

4. Encouragement - This is your opportunity to spread the love and encourage your audience on a rainy day, Monday morning, or just because!

5. About You - This is how you bring a personal side to your business! Share things about you/your team as individuals that you'd feel comfortable telling a stranger on a plane.

6. Business Benefits - This sells your business without sounding "sales-y." Share the long-term, emotional, or unexpected benefits of your product or service and direct your followers to your website.

7. Showcasing Your Product or Service - This is where you will introduce your audience (new and old) to a product or service you offer. Get creative... Marketing is just repeating the same message in different ways!

Remember, categories are things that you can use to talk about your business, without having to SELL your business.

Here’s an example of Jasmine using the "My Why" category to talk about her business, while still creating an authentic connection with her followers.

In this post, she explained that when she adopted her daughter, she chose to change her life to better her daughter's future. She does things that scare her and takes risks so her daughter can see what’s possible as a woman in the business world.

This allows Jasmine to let her audience get to know her better by sharing something social on social media and talking about her business in a way that isn’t promoting it.

Need inspiration to turn your Social Curator caption templates into a perfect representation of you and your brand? Check out our Customizing Captions for Your Industry Collection.

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