Having visual topics is important because they help you save SO much time and energy. Gone are the days of overthinking what to post...when you focus on specific types of photos, it makes it easier for your followers to identify your posts, which helps drive engagement because they’re primed to talk to you.

This group of photos or videos VISUALLY represents your business. When someone connects with something you posted, they are more likely to engage. That’s exactly what you want!

The best way to choose what types of pictures you should post is by figuring out how to blend them with your caption categories. Determine what you can show through images and talk about in captions regularly to help get followers used to your account and your business.

Don’t let the doubt of not knowing what visual to use prevent you from posting... Social Curator is here to help! Simply use one of our lifestyle stock photos and you have a photo to use within seconds.

Now, you may be asking, “How do Reels and Instagram Videos come into play when it comes to choosing your Visual Topics?” Let's look at a few examples below.

If one of your Visual Topics is desk supplies, you can visually showcase this on Instagram by taking a photo of your desk, creating a Reel about your desk essentials, recording an Instagram Video of your home office tour, or going Live to showcase your desk supplies.

Another example would be if one of your Visual Topics is your family. To let your followers in on your personal life in this way on Facebook, you could post a photo of you and your family, create a short video about each of your family members, or record a longer video of you and your family’s morning routine.

Whether you choose to call them Visual Topics, or something entirely different, the principle is the same: to visually represent your business.

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