Rather than not posting when you’re too busy (you always are) or when life happens (as it always does), it’s best to have options to choose from so you can consistently post… no matter what.

Watch as Jasmine walks you through creating a system for photos you can take yourself.

Having a photobank filled with images you’ve hand-selected will make it easy to post in seconds. While it may take time upfront, the time you’ll save in the long run will pay off. Need a few tips on how to take a better selfie? We got you!

Take time to gather a few props related to your business, determine some poses you’d like to capture, and either hire a photographer or use the handy dandy self-timer on your phone or camera and snap away!

That’s right, while a professional photographer is one option, you can absolutely fill up a photobank by simply taking photos on your phone. Technology (and camera capability) has come a long way since the first cell phone!

Decide where you’d like to store your photos so they’re easily accessible, whether it be Google Photos, Dropbox, or in a folder on your phone. That way, you always know where to look when it comes time to post!

Not sure what photos to take? Check out the photo ideas provided at the bottom of each Social Curator caption template! Each month provides over 50 photo ideas...plenty of options for a photoshoot!

Ready for your next steps?

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