Ready to connect with your audience in a whole new, engaging way using just your phone?

Editing videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other visual platforms don’t require a Film degree or have to cost an arm and a leg to hire someone.

Check out our video editing app recommendations and watch the tutorials to select the best one for you!

1. InShot

Our team loves to use InShot for quick, on-the-go video editing on our phones. It’s a great app for editing Reels and TikToks, and it’s easy to upload straight to social media platforms when your creation is on your phone!


2. Adobe Premiere Rush

For a bit more advanced editing, the Social Curator Video Production Team always recommends Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s easy to use on your computer or the app, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be an experienced video editor in no time!


3. Videoleap

Perhaps the most simple to understand, Videoleap is perfect for you if you’re looking for an easy-to-use app to add special effects to your Reels and TikToks.


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