Wondering why fake followers and bots may be targeting your account?

Read on to learn how to identify a bot or fake follower and how to get rid of them so your posts get shown to people who actually engage.

Here are the signs your most recent follower is a bot:

  1. They only have a few posts

  2. They are following a lot of people

  3. They do not have a profile photo

  4. Their username is a bunch of letters + numbers mixed together

Now that you’ve identified they are a bot… Why are they targeting your account?

There are two ways bots and fake accounts will target you:

  1. If you use large hashtags with millions of entries

    1. If you recently follow a popular account.

    2. Okay, now we know who they are and why they’re targeting us… Now let’s talk about how to clean up your account without using a third-party app (yes boo, we’re talking old school!):

  1. Spend 10-15 minutes every day removing them from your account.

  2. Invest in a virtual assistant who will do this for you!

You might be wondering why this matters.

It is important to remove bots and fake followers from your Instagram account because the algorithm gauges your content by engagement.

When Instagram shows your content to fake or bot followers and they do not engage, the algorithm will assume it is irrelevant and not show your content to others.

Something that could take just 15 minutes a day could massively affect the impact you can make on Instagram.

So friend, take the time to remove the fake followers and focus on the people who engage.

Even though it may be hard for you to remove hundreds or even thousands of followers from your account, forget about the metrics.

Remember: your account will go farther with 1,000 highly engaged followers than 10,000 fake accounts and passive followers just scrolling on by.

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