Posts with at least 11 hashtags get 61.5% more engagement than posts with none, according to the Ultimate Guide to Hashtags.

If you didn't already know, hashtags allow Instagram content to become searchable, not only by you and your followers but by anyone. Odds are, your ideal customer is searching for relevant hashtags in your industry right now!

If you’re ready to use hashtags strategically for your business, below are the 4 types of hashtags that will help you get discovered on Instagram. Let’s dive in!


This will comprise the majority of the hashtags you use. In order to understand what your searchable terms are (they are different for everyone), you must put yourself in your ideal client/dream customer’s shoes.


This is for people searching for things/people/photos specific to a certain location. These are especially powerful to get discovered in your local area.


This search term is for people looking for businesses based on city or state. This can get a bit tricky because people search for local options in a myriad of ways, so use a mix of geographic references to cover all of your bases.


These search terms are specifically related to your industry, used by peers and counterparts. These search terms tend to be searched by other professionals within your industry. Hashtagging within your industry is a great way to get noticed, featured, or create sponsorships/ alliances/referrals.

Note: After discovering a bug in the "related hashtags" feature, Instagram disabled the feature in 2020, with no official confirmation on if and when they'll bring it back. But no worries! We got you covered with this article that will make the process of finding the right hashtags for your business a breeze.

Happy hashtagging!

👉 Wanna Dig Deeper?

Check out Issue 38: Cracking the Hashtag Code to learn:

  • How adding hashtags to your posts will help get more exposure

  • How to identify which hashtags your ideal client is searching for/using

  • The best ways to track your stats when testing different hashtags

Spoiler Alert! The accompanying workbook in this issue will help you come up with over 100 hashtags for your content.

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