Don’t you hate when you can’t think of ANYTHING to post on social media? You know you need to post to market your business, you know the key to growth is consistency, but sometimes the ideas just aren’t flowing.

Below are 20 different content ideas that will work for you--yes, YOU!

They can be used as captions for posts, scripts for Reels, prompts for newsletters and blogs, inspiration for videos and podcasts… The possibilities are endless as long as you commit to taking action.

1. Introduce or Reintroduce Yourself

This is how you bring a personal side to your business, share things about you/your team as individuals that you'd feel comfortable telling a stranger on a plane.

Here’s an “About Me” caption template to get your wheels turning:

Hello, there! I’m __________ [name], a __________ [job title] from __________ [city/area], and I do what I do because __________ [it’s all I’ve ever been passionate about/I love challenging my creativity behind the lens, and capturing the most unforgettable moments in people’s lives/etc.]. A few random facts about me: I always snack on __________ [snack] at the movies, and sorry if it’s weird, but I __________ [unusual habit]. I am most likely way too __________ [bad quality], but I always __________ [good quality]. So, that’s me in a nutshell. Tell me about you in the comments!

2. Industry Tip

It’s important to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and serve your audience with what they need… which is why this content idea is perfect for any industry.

Some ways you can do this are:

  • Tips, tricks, and hacks that can help your ideal client/customer related to what you do

  • Ways that you’ve found to make life better or easier that your potential client/customer would value

  • An unexpected way to use your product or service

3. You/Your Team's Morning Routine

People love seeing the “secret” to someone’s success. Whether it’s the delicious coffee elixir you enjoy before heading to the office or your favorite meditation to start your day off right, a fun way to engage with your audience is to share your or your team’s morning routine.

To spark ideas for your version of this content idea, HERE is a video in which Jasmine outlined her morning routine!

4. Funny Meme

Entertainment is a large reason users scroll on social media, and the occasional meme is a great way to keep your account lighthearted and fun. You can easily include them on your feed, within your videos, or simply post one on your Instagram Story.

Be sure to choose a meme that would resonate with your ideal client, such as a funny mom or dad joke if your ideal client is a parent, or a pop culture reference for a younger crowd!

5. What Your Clients/Customers Like About Your Business

I know it’s difficult to toot your own horn, so why not have someone else do it for you? We love sharing what our users love about our subscription, in hopes that it will resonate with others.

Here are some prompts for you to fill out and use for this content idea:

  • The most common compliment I receive is ____________

  • I want to be known for ____________

  • The most unique part of my business is ____________

6. Inspirational Quote

This is your opportunity to spread the love and encourage your audience on a rainy day, Monday morning, or just because. Find a quote that you find inspiring or that your ideal client would find inspiring to share on your feed. Don’t forget to always give credit to the author of the quote!

To make it easy for you to use this content idea, click here to download and post this inspirational quote today!

7. Answer an FAQ

This content idea is one of the simplest and most effective ways to talk about your business without selling your business. Simply answer a question you know your ideal client or customer has (whether they’ve previously asked it or you are anticipating it).

Take a few moments to jot down some of your most frequently asked questions below, and use them as talking points for your next post:

  1. ____________________________________________________________

  2. ____________________________________________________________

  3. ____________________________________________________________

  4. ____________________________________________________________

  5. ____________________________________________________________

8. Make an Announcement

  • Got a new YouTube channel?

  • Launching a new product?

  • Have a BOGO sale coming up?

Whatever is happening in your business, make a BIG announcement on social media to draw attention to it!

9. How It Started vs How It's Going

Whether you’re discussing how your business has evolved over the years, how your social media accounts have grown, or how your mindset has changed, the “How It Started vs. How It’s Going” trend is a GREAT one to hop on.

Customize this Story Set from Issue #52: Irresistible Sales Strategies for Social Media in Canva (a free graphic design platform).

You can choose to add text on Slides 1 and 2 to describe how your business has evolved, or upload personal photos to each Slide to tell your story! Then, when uploading to your Instagram Story, add a Question sticker over the example sticker on Slide 3 to invite your audience to engage.

10. What It's Like to Work with You

When your ideal client/customer can envision what it would be like to work with you, it’s a lot easier to turn your followers into paying customers. So paint the picture for them by showing them the behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to work with you!

Here’s a “Behind the Scenes” caption template to inspire you with this content idea:

It says right there in my bio that I __________ [am a photographer/process small business loans for entrepreneurs/etc.], but have you ever wondered how I __________ [am able to relax a bride to capture her truest joy on her wedding day/evaluate potential clients and screen their applications/etc.]? I’d love to give you a little insight with the following __________ [number] steps that sum it up in the simplest way I know how: __________ [List and briefly explain steps]. How’s that? Does it bring up any additional questions? Send ‘em my way! I’d love to chat!

11. Useful Tools for Your Ideal Client/Customer

To gain your audience’s trust, help them by providing useful links, tools, apps, products, and services that will make their life easier. Remember: trust leads to conversations, and conversations lead to sales!

Tagging other businesses, products, and apps that have the same target audience as you may lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

12. Your 'Why'

By sharing your why, or the reason you are in your line of work, your audience feels connected to you. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

For example:

  • The person who inspires you in business

  • Your overarching mission that fuels your work

  • The reason you started your business and how it has evolved over time

13. Step-by-Step Tutorial

Becoming an authority in your industry starts with showing your audience WHY they can trust you. So share a step-by-step tutorial related to what you do to showcase your knowledge and expertise!

This post is a perfect example in which the Social Curator Team shared a step-by-step tutorial on how to test, track, and analyze your social media content.

14. Behind the Scenes of a Typical Work Day

This invites your audience to see “real life” behind your business. Pulling back the curtain allows your followers to imagine you working on their project, and this can be very beneficial to building your clientele!

For example:

  • Your office space/where you work

  • What you love most about being in your industry

  • How to use a product or how a service you offer can impact potential clients/customers

15. Client/Customer Testimonial

Just like the saying “the proof is in the pudding,” punchy testimonials from your successful clients or customers are the BEST way to showcase the benefits of what you do.

HERE is a Social Curator blog post that may serve as inspiration for you as you think of different ways to showcase your own testimonials!

16. Fun Facts About You/Your Team

Your audience will feel more connected to you when you share “fun facts,” personal stories, and your wisdom.

Whether you’re a business or personal brand, the key to sharing personal insight is to share your tips and perspective in a way your potential customers can connect with and benefit from!

17. Bust a Common Industry Myth

Handling objections is a *huge* part of selling your product or service (whether you like it or not), and it’s largely due to the myths your ideal client or customer believes about what you do. So it’s time to bust them!

Take a few moments to jot down some of the biggest myths in your industry below, to serve as inspiration for a future post:

  1. ____________________________________________________________

  2. ____________________________________________________________

  3. ____________________________________________________________

  4. ____________________________________________________________

  5. ____________________________________________________________

18. Where You Get Your Best Ideas

Where do you gain inspiration for your business? Share it! This personalizes your brand by letting your audience “in” on your process.

You could even use this as an opportunity to ask THEM what their best ideas are for your brand or business… because if you don’t ask, you’ll never know what they want to see!

19. The Story of Why/How You Started Your Business

A fun way to let your audience get to know you is by sharing why or how you started your business. Expressing the problem you solve and the reasoning behind your product or service may be the catalyst for them becoming a customer!

Here’s a “My Why” caption template to help you get started:

It isn’t uncommon to hear: “Hey __________ [your name], what got you started __________ [teaching yoga/creating your uber-chic, customized party plans/etc.]?” Most simply, the answer is this: __________ [Yoga brought me back from a pretty debilitating car accident/I watched as my big sister struggled to balance work, family, and an inordinate number of gatherings, and saw how helpful it could be if I sold my expertise in the form of customizable party templates/etc.]! Want to know more? Check out __________ [today’s Story for a full account of how I got started/the “About” tab on my website/etc.]!

20. Unexpected Benefit of Your Product or Service

This sells your business without sounding "sales-y." Share the long-term, emotional, or unexpected benefits of your product or service.

Some of the most common benefits of Social Curator user’s businesses are:

  • Saving their customers time

  • Making their clients money

  • Providing people with a community

  • Making a process more efficient

  • Bringing their customers/clients joy

Don’t forget a call to action such as directing your followers to your website or opt-in to learn more!

Now that you have 20 days of content ideas, it’s time to plan a week of social media content. Choose 7 of the content ideas that we just went over and then plan them for the next week!

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