Prepare your heart, because we’re about to deal it to you straight...

A lot of business owners believe hashtags aren’t a necessary part of their sales strategy for social media because when they do use them they don’t see the increase in engagement or sales they’re hoping for. Can you relate?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, lean in close for some game-changing truth.

The reason hashtags aren’t “working” for your business isn’t that they “don’t work,” it’s because you’re simply not using them correctly.

Ready for some good news? Your days of not knowing how to use them correctly are over. In fact, you’re about to become a sales hashtag expert! (Did you see that coming?!)

Keep reading for the inside scoop on:

  • Why hashtags are still necessary,

  • The secret you need to know in order to use hashtags effectively, and

  • Our favorite resource to get started with hashtags TODAY!

Let’s get to it!

Are hashtags still necessary for your business?

Yes! Hashtags are still necessary for your business.

Here’s why… Hashtags help users discover topics, information, and conversations they’re interested in. While they’re simple to use, they’re often the cause of frustration among business owners as they try to figure out how to successfully use them for their business.

Now, lean in close... Hashtags are not a magic wand for your business.

BUT when used correctly, they will increase your discoverability, which helps your dream customer find you.

What’s the secret to using hashtags effectively?

In order to get the sales your business deserves, you can’t only choose hashtags pertaining to your business products, services, or interests.

Instead, you must keep your ideal client or customer in mind when selecting your hashtags… What hashtags are they following, engaging with, and/or using? They won’t just be looking at hashtags that pertain to your business, they’ll be looking for hashtags that pertain to their overall life. So focus on incorporating these hashtags into your posts!

👉 Wanna dig deeper?

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