One of the best ways to attract your ideal follower is by making sure they easily know who you are and why they should follow you. Your Boss Bio (think of this as your virtual business card) is the way to do just that!

If you're a visual learner, be sure to watch our latest Boss Bio class. Otherwise, follow along below!


Take a screenshot of your current bio so you have a "before" version.


You’ll want to make sure you update the areas of your bio that need to be improved.

Remember, you might be limited by character count depending on the platform, so make each word count!

  1. Use a clear title: Make it easy for people to know what you do- instead of saying “Collector of beautiful moments on beautiful days for couples in love,” just say you’re a Wedding Photographer.

  2. List the benefits: Tell your audience what’s in it for THEM! If it’s clear how you can help them or how you’ll make their life better/easier, it’ll increase the odds of them clicking that follow button.

  3. Identify your audience: Once you get clear on your ideal client, you need to speak to THEM. Define who your account is for, as they say, “the riches are in the niches”. So niche down and get specific!
    (Example: Stay-at-home moms, brides-to-be, single dads, they should know you’re talking to THEM)

  4. Include your contact information: Make it easy for people to know how to contact you. Should they send you a direct message? Send you an email? Visit your website? Give them the easiest way to contact you or browse what you have to offer.

  5. Give a free gift: There’s nothing like a free gift that your ideal client needs to get them to follow you and keep you top of mind! From a free checklist to a quick tutorial, we encourage you to serve them a sample of what you provide in a way that meets their needs (or desires).

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