The beauty of being a Curator is that while you’re focused on growing your business, you aren’t doing it alone. There’s a whole community of fellow business owners you can lean on.

Whether you have a launch coming up, you want to spread brand awareness, or you’re looking to grow your audience, Curator collaborations are a win-win way to do it.

We like to define "collaboration" as two or more businesses coming together to serve an ideal client. The key to a successful collaboration is that it creates a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

While each collab opportunity will look different, if you go into it with the intention of serving the audience and building a good relationship with fellow business owners, you’re off to a GREAT start!

Curators who successfully collaborate typically:

  1. Establish rapport before reaching out in an unexpected private message (by responding to comments and getting to know one another in the community threads)

  2. Think of what target audience would benefit from this mutual collaboration (ask yourself: what’s something the audience needs or really wants that you could deliver along with the Curator you’re collaborating with?)

  3. Share a few ideas of win-wins when you pitch the collaboration *because if you can think of how everyone involved will benefit, you’ve done part of the legwork!* (Be sure to let them know you’re open to further discussion or other ideas in case they want to share how it could be a better fit for them or the ideal client you have in mind!)

If you feel like you’re in a good place with collaborations or you want to focus on something else, feel free to check out another section of our Best Practices for Social Media Collection and circle back to this article whenever you’re ready to focus on growing your audience.

Remember, this collection is meant to give you clear steps to take, but can be used as a guide. Feel free to do one section or jump in and do them all depending on what works for you.

Take action at your own pace.

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