According to a 2017 study, 1 email list subscriber = between $.25 - $1.00 per month in income generation.

What would you do with a couple hundred or even thousands of dollars per month in revenue? Oh, the possibilities! So now let’s start building that list.

In order to grow your business in the long term, you must have a way to connect to your community on a deeper level in a place you OWN: which is where your email list comes in.

Having a way to communicate with your dream customers is a crucial part of generating consistent income. The best way to welcome in a new subscriber is to send them a free gift, or a freebie.

A freebie is something of value you give your audience in exchange for their email address. It's often referred to in the digital marketing world as a lead magnet. After creating your freebie, you'll need to create a landing page in an email mar­keting system (such as MailChimp, Flodesk, or ConvertKit) where someone can enter their name and email address.

You'll then need to create copy for an email that is automatically triggered to deliver the freebie once they submit their name/email.

Once you have a landing page, an email to deliver your freebie, and you have tested it yourself, you can start advertising your freebie! Add the link to your landing page in your social media bios, create posts about it on your website, and even try creating Facebook or Google ads if you're feeling ambi­tious.

Now, every time someone enters their email address into the land­ing page, they automatically re­ceive the freebie and you have a new subscriber! You can now begin sending weekly emails to nurture your email list.

Remember, before you try to sell to your subscribers, you must pro­vide value to them.

👉 Wanna Dig Deeper?

Check out Issue 60: How to Build a Business of Loyal Followers: Everything you need to create and grow your email list. Inside this Issue, you learn about the necessity of using a newsletter to build your business, how to create opt-ins your ideal client WANTS (we even share templates for you to use), and how to talk about your opt-in and grow your newsletter list using social media!

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