Studies have shown that the average user on social media will “platform hop”(i.e. a user will “hop” from Instagram over to Facebook, etc.) if they have excess time and ability. #firstworldproblems

To avoid someone seeing the same content on different platforms at the same time, I recommend you post the same content on multiple platforms at different times to ensure you’re reaching more of your audience.

In other words: stagger the content!

If you’re ready to work smarter and not harder, keep reading on how to turn one piece of content into ten.

Select your pillar platform and repurposing platforms

Your pillar platform is where you’ll fully invest above all else. This will be where all of your content is posted FIRST. It’s usually where you can post longer-form content, where your dream customer hangs out the most, and where you feel most comfortable.

We usually recommend your pillar platform being a blog post if you’re most comfortable writing, a YouTube video if you’re great on camera, or a podcast episode if you love to speak, but you can choose whatever platform you currently love!

Once you have your pillar platform identified, decide what platforms you’ll repurpose the content on. If you’re new to repurposing, we recommend starting off with one, but you can repurpose on as many platforms as you’d like!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Plan your pillar content for the week

Every single week, choose one pillar content topic that will be posted first on your pillar platform, and will then be repurposed onto the others.

This is typically the step that causes the most stress, especially if you use multiple platforms for your business. For now, just focus on creating one piece of content for your main platform and hang tight!

Repurpose your content for the following week

If you were to pull up all of Jasmine's social media platforms, you’d notice that 80% of her content is the same. However, there are two main differences: time and context.

Time: For example, whatever is posted on Instagram will then be posted on Facebook one week later. We found the tried-and-true method to be one week + four hours.

Instagram post: 10am on Monday morning →

Facebook post: 2pm on Monday the following week

People may platform hop (ie. jump from Instagram to Facebook, etc.), BUT they are also on social platforms at different times. So if they’re surfing Instagram in the morning, they probably won’t stumble upon the same post published a week later on Facebook in the middle of the day.

Context: One mistake that many people make when sharing across multiple platforms is copying and pasting the exact same content. #respecttheplatform

With different platforms, make sure your content is in the right context. This means making modifications to 5-10% of the original post to match the context of each individual platform.

Instagram focuses on @ mentions and hashtags

Facebook has the ability to tag people and pages

LinkedIn caters to business professionals that read/watch for work, not for pleasure

There's no need for you to reinvent the wheel here, just repurpose content based on the platform you’re posting to, which may require some tweaking.

We can’t wait to see how you make the most out of the incredible content you create.

Happy repurposing!

👉 Wanna Dig Deeper?

Check out Issue 33: Repurposing Content to Work Smarter, Not Harder in the SHOP to learn how to save your time and sanity by repurposing content you’ve already created onto various platforms, using the key steps outlined in the Action Plan.

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